Advance Membership


Advance Membership

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Price plus sales tax, plus delivery

Our most popular membership, this membership allows you to take advantage of most of what we have to offer. No other paintball website can match the level of commitment that this membership provides.

Membership Details



Shipping Based on Weight $10 flat fee (excludes paint*) FREE
(excludes paint**)
(see return policy for more details)
15 days, 20% restocking fee 15 days, 15% restocking fee 30 days, 10% restocking fee 30 days, no restocking fee
Return shipping Customer Pays Customer Pays Customer Pays, shipping cost reimbursed with MO Money Mo-Paintball pays to return the items
Mo Money*** N/A N/A Eligible Eligible
Priority Ordering N/A N/A Varies First in line for new products or hard to get items.
Membership length**** 30 days 365 days 365 days 365 days
Membership Upgrades N/A Upgraded to Elite if you spend over $1500 in one year. Upgraded to Elite if you spend $1000 in one year. N/A
Birthday Club: N/A 5 dollars Mo Money 10 dollars Mo Money 15 dollars Mo Money

*     Paint is 15 dollar flat fee for Basic members. 

Paint is not included for free, there is a small handling fee of 8 dollars for Advanced members.

Payback takes the form of a MO-Paintball Reward redeemable toward the future purchase of qualifying merchandise. 
      Certain restrictions apply. Certain Mo Money offers effective for a limited time.

Your membership is set up to automatically renew annually. You can choose not to renew.  Your initial sign-up is an authorization for us to use the preferred or other available payment methods.

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