Stunner Electronic Paintball Gun

Stunner Electronic Paintball Gun

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The Stunner was made with world class design in mind, yet we elected to avoid the marketing hype that sells so many guns at inflated prices. The all electronic Stunner comes complete with eyes which help detect if a ball is in the breech so you don't chop any paint as you outshoot your Empire Prophecy loader. Has the speed and eyes of an Ego at the price of a Spyder. Its designed to accept Spyder parts as well, so there are a ton of upgrades already available.  Dare to be different!  The Stunner delivers where other higher price rivals simply fail to live up to their over-hyped pricey marketing blitz!  Action speaks louder than words.


  • New Surge board with Bones Break Beam Eyes!-- helps to prevent paint breaks in your gun by detecting paintballs in the breech!
  • 20 balls a second in Semi or Automatic mode! -- 20 balls per second under $149?
  • LCD on the trigger frame with buttons on the grip-- no more DIP switches or taking the grip off to set up your gun!
  • Adjustable rate of fire -- Don't have the best hopper, adjustable rate of fire from 4 balls to 20 balls a second!
  • Top Cocking with a pull pin. Removable bolt -- east to strip, oil, and clean. 
  • Vertical Feed w/ clamp -- adjustable vertical feed for different hoppers
Other Features:
  • Custom Body Milling.
  • Gas Thru Foregrip with Reg.
  • Drop forward
  • Spyder Barrel Thread
  • Co2 or Compressed Air.
  • Weight: 4 pounds.
  • Cycle Rate: up to 20 ball Per Second
  • Electronic Power Source: 9V Battery
  • Range of fire 150 + feet
  • Instruction Manual


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