Pure Energy Ultra Air System - 90ci/4.5k

Pure Energy Ultra Air System - 90ci/4.5k

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This is a new 90 cubic inch, 4500 psi nitro tank with a 5 year hydro date.
Preset pressure at 850psi, which can be lowered to 450 with included low pressure kit.

The future of paintball air systems has arrived with the release of the new Pure Energy Ultra Air™ Systems. The Pure Energy’s Ultra’s are the first air systems to feature new HD Graphics which make these functional marvels into works of art– this combined with latest computer controlled manufacturing techniques make these the lightest cylinders available!


  • 1000-1300+ shots with a full fill, depending on gun!
  • Ultra light carbon fiber cylinder
  • Reactor II regulator provides stable, efficient output flow
  • Consistent Flow Technology piston
  • Mil-spec Belleville springs
  • Dual High and Low rupture disks for both bottle and downstream safety
  • Pressure gauge
  • Nickel plated brass bonnet
  • Certified Stainless Steel fill nipple and dual locking set screws
  • Preset at 850 psi
  • 5 year hydro test date
  • Includes low pressure kit and service parts kit

Note: This tank DOES have a TC Stamp

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